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Lane Roberts

Charismatically Fun Authorist
(no, that's not the right word)...
(no, that's not right, either.  Hmmm, how about)...
Bonkers-ly Fun Word Making Person 
(Yeah, that sounds right!  I mean, correct.  No!  I mean right.)

About Lane

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I met writing, after courting her sister, Stand Up Comedy.  They're very close.  Can't really have one without the other.  I'd been on and off with Stand Up for years. Then, one day, I looked at the mounds of stories, essays, pens, paper, chicken scratched notes, and legal pads, when I heard a voice whisper,

"You enjoy writing more than stand-up".

I even bought a quill.  Can you believe it, a quill?  (They are fun).

I paused.  I needed some time.  But, it's important to listen to that voice when you hear it.  It can change your life. 


It was tough at first, but Stand Up, Writing, and myself worked it out.  Just the three of us.  Their sisterhood connection remains as strong as ever, though Thanksgivings are always a little weird now. 

Stand-Up and I are still really good friends, though.  There are no hard feelings. 

But, we are...just friends.

About Lane
Letters To Readers

Letter To Readers


My younger sister and I were walking once when she suggested that we cross the road.  Her "spidey sense" was picking up some potential threats that were not on my radar.  At that moment, I thought, "there are probably several events happening like that everyday, and you never even realize it, Lane".  Because of my build and gender, I am fortunate to not regularly experience such fears.  Perhaps, too fortunate.  Because I can only empathize and imagine what such fears must be like.  With that, I decided to use a portion of my books' royalties to support those institutions that help quell such fears.


Assists women and children who are the victims of domestic violence.  They assist on virtually all levels of support, including: safe housing, food clothing, employment, and even emotional healing (which I'm a HUGE fan of).  Yeah, I just ended a sentence with a preposition.  You'll get over it.

Animal Welfare Institute

These guys are stomping out a ton of animal abuse issues.  They handle EVERYTHING from saving coral reefs to protecting domestic animals, and all things in-between.  What I really like about AWI versus other animal protection institutions is that almost all of the cash is used to protect the animals.  Only a limited amount is used for administrative purposes.


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